Pandemic Film

Pandemic Film
    The pandemic is one of the best science fiction films released in 2016, directed by John Sots. The film talks about a global pandemic affecting humans, and the medical team of the film seeks to search and detain the survivors. Lauren Chase is a skilled physician from New York City, who came to Los Angeles to find survivors of a pandemic, and her medical team, consisting of Jenner, Denise and Wheeler, helps her. The film premiered on Flightfest on February 26, 2016 and was not widely popular at the time.

    Despite the positive reviews of the film, it was heavily criticized by critics, and received a rating of 44% ؜, based on 16 reviews, 9 of which were rated negative and the overall rating
    of the film 4.75 out of 10
    The final scene in the movie reveals that the fictional "MEV-1" virus arose from a pig eating a piece
    of banana that fell through a bat infected with virus. Then this pig is slaughtered and prepared by a chef, without washing them first, shaking hands with Beth Imhoff, and thus the virus is transmitted to humans and constitutes a pandemic threatening safety afterwards. The origin of the coronavirus, which terrifies us today, remains a mystery to scientists. It will only be resolved if they can isolate the live virus in the suspected species (as in the movie), which can be difficult.
    The sick people in the film suffered from fever and profuse sweating, ulcers headache, sore throat and coughing, but they also have seizures, dizziness in fact, leading infectious disease experts say it takes between 8 and 10 years for the typical vaccine to develop. US health officials are trying to track this time frame, as are laboratories around the world. Currently, 1 to 18 months is an optimistic time window for a possible coronavirus vaccine.
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